A'nesis Insight & Wisdom

“Then He led His people out like a shepherd and guided them through the desert.”
~Psalm 78:52

Welcome to the A’nesis Blog… ENJOY!

Stay Low

Keeping in the right “place” spiritually is not easy. I find that most people (myself included) are like giant ping pong balls. Some days we can do no wrong as we bounce back and forth on the table. Other days we couldn’t hit the mark if our life depended on it. It is...

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The One I Kiss…

I’m seeing a common thread for the deepest pain now that I’m going into twelve years of counseling people who are living in all their worst places of their stories, There is one dark night of the soul that seems to bring the most devastation to a person’s heart....

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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Ever feel like your mind is participating in some sort of 50’s dance floor jive? For all of us, the battle truly is in the mind. When life throws us curve balls and challenges that are beyond our capacity to control we can have a hard time reigning in our thoughts....

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