Trauma Resolutions for Christians

” I was once told to ‘go home and get over it’ ”  

Many pastors and well-meaning Christians are unable to help us sort out the impact of past trauma. While these well-meaning people have their hearts in the right place, the invalidation one experiences when they reach out for help, sometimes makes recovery worse. I was once told to “go home and get over it.”  This did not help but only made me withdraw and be me more isolated. (Click Here to read more info on this by Bessel Von der Kolk)

Abuse Counseling: Relationships

When people we trust or rely on the most hurt us, it causes damage at the very root of who we are. Many times abuse takes place during childhood and can cause emotional or spiritual problems well into adulthood. Trudy has the necessary understanding and experience to help abuse victims take the best possible steps for their situations.

Abuse Counseling: Sexual Abuse

According to the NIMH, one in three women will be sexually abused by the time they are nineteen years old.  One in six men will be sexually abused by the time they are nineteen years old.  The secret of sexual abuse can permeate every fiber of one’s being and influence how a person responds to every aspect of their everyday life.  If you have this secret, an A’nesis Counseling Sabbatical is your hope for freedom.  Come away to this secluded place to face your fears.  Click Here for Trudy’s invitation video

Take this quiz on how past sexual abuse might be affecting your marriage sexual relationship.

Divorce Counseling

Divorce is a staggeringly stressful event. Divorce can create or cultivate grief, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, shame, anxiety, or other intense feelings. Concern for “the kids” is another source of intense stress. Regardless of the exact circumstances, divorce is never a clean solution.

Relationship Recovery for Christian Women

Trudy talks about Relationship Recovery in this video

Trudy has extensive knowledge and experience helping women recover from destructive, abusive and/or manipulative relationships.  Because Trudy has walked this journey herself, her heart is towards women needing to recover from the devastation of being yoked in hurtful and toxic relationships. Her unique program for recovery will bring results and move you to a new season of health.  Trudy is extremely knowledgeable about trauma bond relationships and the recovery process involved.  Read her published article here.

Recovery for Voluntary Pregnancy Termination (Abortion)

Recovering from the choice to voluntarily terminate a pregnancy can be a long journey. (abortion) Many professionals, lay counselors, and pastors are uninformed on how to walk a person with this issue as part of their past through the difficult process of grieving and resolving the loss. It can be embarrassing or shameful to go to someone locally to share your secret abortion. Dr. Trudy M. Johnson is one of the most knowledgeable experts in our nation on the topic of grief after abortion. 



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Trauma-Related Resources

If you are a Christian looking for detailed information to resolve trauma from your past go to this page.

Trauma Bond Relationship – Take the Self Evaluation

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