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RETREAT | Individual Trauma Resolution

  • DESCRIPTION:  If you are tired of getting nowhere with weekly or monthly 50 minute sessions, consider going on a sabbatical/retreat that gets to the root cause of your issues. A’nesis uses cutting-edge trauma techniques coupled with God’s Truth to bring permanent healing and change.
  • DURATION:  5 days @ 3-hours each day or 4-days with one day lasting 6-hours
  • COST:  $300 deposit + $1,540 due first day of class

BOOTCAMP | Counseling for Marriages

  • DESCRIPTION:  Dr. Trudy offers a 5-day marriage “Bootcamp.” Trudy uses cutting-edge trauma techniques to help clients out of the many failures of connection they’ve endured. Deep healing that removes guarded hearts, letting go of the past painful experiences, and communication techniques adds to the experience. Each intensive treats couples with the PTSD-like symptoms they have because of their marriage.
  • DURATION:  5 days / 27 hours $3,980.00  (The average divorce costs $35,000)
  • COST:  $300 deposit + $3,680.00 due first day of class

TRAINING | A’nesis Transformation Model

  • DESCRIPTION:  If you feel the nudge to make a huge impact on the Body of Christ, the A’nesis counseling model of transformation and change using an intensive week might be your answer. Whether you are a professional counselor, are in pastoral ministry, or simply have a servant’s heart with experience in a helping field, this cutting-edge model will start you into a lasting career. Once you take this first training, there are three other units of additional training available.
  • IN-PERSON TRAINING:  $1,640.00


  • The Intensives are 1-on-1 with Dr. Trudy. There are NO group sessions. Travel, lodging, rental car, and meals are extra and not included in Intensives pricing.

  • The Training programs are 1-on-1 except for married couples or a two-person team.



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