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Too expensive to travel?
Too scary to travel?
Try Tele-Counseling instead!

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If the costs of travel and lodging are not in your budget or if you feel traveling is a risky proposition these days, consider Tele-Counseling and host YOUR OWN online A’nesis Retreat and Counseling Sabbatical! Even though you won’t be traveling to Phoenix, you can still experience the A’nesis Retreats program with Dr. Trudy online for 3 hours a day over 5 consecutive days.

Choosing this tele-counseling option means you will still mark out your calendar for five days and plan to spend your free time in rest, reflection, reading, and processing through your online work with Trudy and also doing your homework assignments. You might even think about booking a room in a local motel as a venue for your sabbatical get-away!


  1. Click Here to review available dates
  2. Click Here to complete the registration process
  3. Next, you will receive a FedEx package from Dr. Trudy prior to your intensive with your A’nesis handbook and other pertinent materials in it.
  4. Each day during your retreat, you will sign in to access your personal tele-counseling account where you will interact live with Dr. Trudy. Trudy uses doxy.me as a platform for tele-counseling. This is a secure, HIPPA-COMPLIANT video conferencing system that many medical doctors use. It is easily accessible on your laptop or even your phone worldwide.


  1. A quiet place away from the distractions of life for 3-hours of uninterrupted attention. (One 10-minute break will be provided in the middle of each session)
  2. A reliable computer or laptop connected to high-speed internet with live video conferencing speed capabilities.
  3. We recommend using the Google Chrome internet browser (preferred) or the Firefox browser which provides optimal performance for the best user experience.

Many states do not allow state to state internet online therapy.  For this reason, Dr. Trudy will not be representing herself as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, but rather as a “trauma and grief specialist” offering the A’nesis Retreats program .  All confidential rules still apply to the A’nesis Retreats program.



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