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From anxiety and depression to addictions and crisis, there is a specific Christian Counseling program designed to help you heal.

Depression and Emotion Regulation

Trudy talks about Emotion Regulation in this video

After any emotional or physical trauma, it can be difficult to process all the events and emotions that flood your world. Emotion regulation is a means to cope with your new circumstances in a healthy way while moving forward the way your life requires.

According to a survey by George Barna ( depression is the single biggest issue that pastors deal with among their church attendees.  Depression is the single biggest mental health problem in the United States according to the National Institute of Mental Health.  If you’ve experienced depression for longer than six months you should consider getting professional help.


Anxiety is a normal part of life, but when it becomes unmanageable it is time to pursue answers for peace. Anxiety doesn’t have to overwhelm and drive a person’s life. There are answers!


Feelings of being “depressed” can be part of a normal gamut of the human condition. If those feelings persist for more than a few days though, it may be indicative of a larger problem. Those suffering from depression may struggle with their sense of self-worth, desire to be productive, or other staples of a healthy mental state.  Take the quiz for depression

About Men

Trudy’s expertise in all areas of therapy is not limited to women.  Obviously, men deal with similar issues of anxiety, depression, identity and spiritual crisis, relationship recovery, and trauma and abuse.  Many men also attend the A’nesis Sabbatical program. 
Client Video Testimony

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Dissociative Identity Disorder can be a very misunderstood situation for clients, especially in the Christian community.  When a child is subjected to more trauma and grief than they are able to process, parts of them can become “stuck” at certain ages.  This state produces selective amnesia as a way of protection to the child.  Later in life,  however, there can be incredible ramifications, including suicidal ideation, depression, and rage.  It requires special techniques to walk a person through the healing process in the case of DID.

Identity/Spiritual Crisis

As Christians, we believe we are new creations in Christ. Unfortunately, our inherent nature often places us directly at odds with the hope of our new relationship with God. This conflict is natural, and to an extent, a typical part of any Christians walk. For some though, these feelings can bring with them a sense of inadequacy that can lead to real chaos.

Premarital Preparation

Understanding pitfalls in ways of relating BEFORE the marriage can be very helpful in keeping a marriage strong and growing.  Marriages die as time progresses because of misunderstanding and lack of communication and safety.  This intensive is not anything like you would get from “normal” premarital counseling.  This is the most important decision you will make in your life, why not be PREPARED?

Pastor’s Wives

Pastors wives have unique hurts and pains that many do not understand.  A’nesis is a safe, understanding place where wives of pastors can go to receive completely confidential help for navigating the future as a pastor’s wife.

Hurts From Adult Children and Empty Nest

Moving from an adult/child relationship to navigating the unchartered waters of dealing with adult children and their new lives is a challenge for many mothers.  Establishing new boundaries and re-creating the relationship into a positive connection can be very overwhelming.  In addition “finding one’s identity” outside of motherhood is scary.



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