Grief and Loss Counseling

Helping You Process and Resolve Your Grief

Come away to a quiet place and process your loss

A’nesis is an ideal, confidential setting to help you process and resolve your grief and loss. A’nesis is a Greek word that means “comfort for the afflicted; relaxation brought about by a source other than oneself, a liberating rest.”

Grief and Loss Counseling

Loss of all kinds can seemingly come from nowhere and completely change our lives in ways we never expect, and even the ways we fear. Tremendous loss or grief can be a difficult summit to overcome. Trudy has worked with men and women to rebuild their lives using biblical principles of healing and hope. Grief will forever be a stronghold in our heart if we don’t address the deep-seated issues related to loss. Here is a prayer for you.

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A’nesis Counseling is dedicated to those suffering deep losses. One statistic states that 70% of parents who lose a child in death have the potential of a marriage break up. Everyone grieves differently and grief for couples in this difficult type of loss is extra difficult. There are so many levels of grief involved in marriages dealing with the death of a child.

A’nesis uses cutting edge techniques to reach the deep places of grief to help couples in this difficult and unfortunate situation. Contact Us about coming away from the world to process your deep grief.



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