What others are saying about A'nesis Retreats

“If you are wondering if you should come to A’nesis…”

“I was burned out from ministry. I felt lost.” 

“Thank you for helping put our marriage back on track. We each learned so much about ourselves individually and each other! We are ready for our ‘new marriage,’ with new understanding, open hearts, and practical tools. We can’t thank you enough!”

“Thank you for agreeing to do my intensive online. It was a fabulous experience! I never dreamed I would gain this freedom just by working long distance. (I’m glad I followed your advice and went to a bed and breakfast). I feel so much freedom! Thank you!”

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts! We were supremely blessed to be able to be brought to you by our Father. We thank our most gracious and unconditionally loving Father through this healing for our whole family. You have been an integral part of this process and we are forever grateful!”

“Before I came to A’nesis I was lost, defeated, unable to know where to go with my pain. Dr. Trudy’s program was just what I needed to heal my hurts and get back on track! Plus the Phoenix weather was awesome!”

“I’m a guy and I hate any sort of so-called therapy. After our first session, I found myself excited about our marriage Bootcamp and was glad I’d put aside my work schedule to come. Dr.Trudy and her program were amazing!”


“What a safe place for our marriage counseling! I felt totally at peace from the beginning.  This far exceeded my expectations.  I am happy we did this.”


“My husband and I came for a marriage intensive in February of this year. (2018). Our time with you was the most important thing that we have ever done for our marriage.  I am thankful every day for the growth and the progress that we continue to experience with one another.

I used to hear people talk about how their marriage was the most important relationship in their life.  Because my marriage was on the periphery of my consciousness, I thought that statements like this were just overblown or the product of a certain “type” of person.  But now, I can say that everything feels different because of the stability that I am experiencing in my marriage.  I feel expansive, with a sense of possibility, in a way that was absent for years.

Thank you for walking with us towards this Spirit-led growth.”


“Trudy is omnivorous and Spirit-led in her approach to counseling.  We have seen counselors over the years and so many were one-trick ponies.  They learned a certain paradigm and tried to make every situation fit that solution.  Trudy draws from a wide variety of tools and training, using the skills of an artist to bring the most relevant tools to bear on a couple’s situation. She is the most effective and powerful counselor I have had the privilege to work with… ever.”


“I am so thankful for God leading us to you!  5+ years after being helped by you (personally and in our marriage) we are now directors of our church’s marriage ministry. Wow, God!”


“God put it on my heart this morning to let you know how much you have transformed my life. Since our time together, I have maintained my daily re-programming work, journaling, and spending time with the Lord. It’s the first thing I do every morning, before starting my day. The work we did during my week there, followed by implementing the principles you taught me into my daily life, has been life-changing, to say the least.”


“By the time God led me to you, I was at the absolute lowest point in my life. I cried daily, often multiple times a day. I was completely lost in all my pain. Thoughts of suicide, or at very least, the longing for death, consumed my mind and my heart day after day, even throughout the night. The enemy tormented me non-stop, and if he ever did take a break, I was sure to keep the horrible reel of self-punishment going in my head. After everything I had been through, I didn’t know how much longer I could hold on, and nothing I had done before then, no amount of praying, traditional therapy or self-help programs, could make it all stop. I was convinced I was a mistake and that the world would be better off without me, for the horrible things that had been done TO me. Isn’t that just what the enemy wants us to believe!

After completing your program, I felt as if I had been paroled from a horrible 40-year prison sentence. Since then, my healing has continued, my faith has strengthened, my relationship with God has improved, not to mention the relationship with my family. I have a whole new life, and while it will never be perfect, I’m no longer buried under the hurt from my past and as things come up, I have the tools I need to immediately deal with it and get through it. Not only did you restore my life, but you also gave my husband his wife back, my daughter her mother back and my granddaughter, a grandmother. Beyond that, you’ve helped the people who I will in turn help and pay forward in the future.”


“It is nothing short of a miracle that just a few short months ago, I was convinced my life was over and that I had no reason to live; and now I’ve started this whole new life! I hope you never doubt the multigenerational impact you’re having on this world, Trudy. I’m so grateful for you, and thankful the Lord intervened and led me to you. Thank you for helping me work through the years of pain and trapped emotions, to finally break free into the life God intended for me.”


“Thanks for putting me on the path to healing from my abortions.  I could not unravel all the hurt and pain. You helped me go to a deep level of forgiveness for myself I thought unattainable.  I am definitely NOT the same person I was when I arrived in Tennessee.  With God’s help, A’nesis put me in a good place!  God’s light definitely shines through you, Trudy!”


“Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found A’nesis! Thank you for guiding me and walking beside me as I grieved the pain from my past.  I now feel I am moving forward with HOPE and not going backward with regret.  Thank you!”


“Before I came to A’nesis I was completely hopeless.  I didn’t know what my next step was, I just knew I needed to do something.  I stepped out in faith and had enough courage to get on a plane and fly to Phoenix.  WoW!  What a difference one week could make in my life! I had no idea.  I am not triggering now and my husband and I are enjoying a whole new life as I’ve learned to live in forgiveness for some tough things.  So grateful for A’nesis and how it’s changed my life.”


“Before I came to Anesis I was emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically under extreme duress and distraught.  I was paralyzed.

What became abundantly clear to me was that I was in a trauma-bonding relationship.  I began to understand how the trauma from my past was now repeating itself in my adult relationships.  I realized the trauma would keep repeating until I found healing.  The Holy Spirit revealed to me on a deep level how much the emotion of shame was controlling my behaviors, especially the shame I felt pertaining to other’s emotional response to me.

I plan on reclaiming my intimacy with Christ and my husband and my children and live in the truth that other’s emotional response to me doesn’t influence my identity.  It is freeing to know that God showed me the deep truth of the why’s of my repeating of behaviors.  I’m forever changed.  As Trudy says, ‘you can’t put it back into the box.'”


“Before I came to my A’nesis sabbatical I was feeling out of control emotionally and I was spiritually and physically depleted.  I was hopeless and very broken.  While there I became aware of strongholds around my heart that were keeping from God’s best for my life.  At A’nesis I truly experienced leaving the past behind! I am ready to move forward for what God has for me!”


“A’nesis was such a great experience and I can’t tell people enough that it’s really an experience anyone should have, getting married or not.”


“I just got home from my A’nesis time.  I feel that I have slept better and have a better sense of who I am in Christ. My past was important but not as important as what Christ has done and continues to do in me!! I am so blessed to have found you and just want to encourage you that you are doing such incredibly important work for women who need help and freedom. May God continue to bless you.”


“Trudy, I will never forget my week at A’nesis.  Thank you for your kind and loving support during my sabbatical.  I learned so much and my heart was entirely transformed! I am full of gratitude for your program!”


“I’m a guy and my wife brought me to the marriage retreat kicking and screaming. I had to give up my weekend for it! I am so glad she insisted! I would never have believed this short time invested in this retreat could have transformed not only our marriage but also my own personal revelations for improvement and change. Thank you!”


“Since arriving home from my trip to Tennessee everyone is amazed at the changes they see in me… Now that I am equipped with a picture of my negative patterns and beliefs I have the power to circumvent them if and when I am triggered.  I know this will take time to reinforce, but at least I know now what I am dealing with.  The truth will set me free!  This has been a life-transforming experience for me.”


“A’nesis Counseling helped me see “the black hole” that I have been trying to fill my whole life with worldly things that could never deliver.  With Trudy’s Holy Spirit leading I was able to see what God wanted me to put in that black hole.  I’ve reached a level of acceptance from God I never thought possible.  God is filling that “black hole” with His love and Grace… daily!  Wow… this was truly a transforming experience for me.

Before I came to A’nesis:
I had crippling fear.
I lost my intimacy with the Lord.
I was paralyzed and dry.
I lost my identity in Christ.
I had a crushed/defeated spirit.

What became abundantly clear while at A’nesis was:
Who I am in Christ and how I’m viewed in heaven.
Who God says I am.
That I’m adored.
That I am worthy and capable of God’s love and acceptance.
That I’m not a disappointment but loved and delighted in by Him.
That because of my woundedness I can’t always give an answer right away.  I need time to give my heart answer, not my head answer.

The changes I’m planning to make from this point forward are:
I can recognize triggers and remind myself of Truth.
I can identify the lies and replace with the Truth
I can replay the Words of Affirmation God gave me in my head and heart.
I can remind myself of who I am in Jesus and not question.
I can be more present, aware of my strengths/weaknesses, the Truth of God.
I can stop the destructive patterns of checking out emotionally. (dissociation)”


“Wanted you to know…my husband and I are connecting every single day now!  I actually look forward to seeing him walk through the door when he comes home.  It’s like I am seeing with brand new eyes…my home, my husband, my children, the church! WOW!  Thank you for your patience with me!  I know I must have been frustrating at times! Thank you (and Jesus) for giving me my life back!”

“Just wanted you to know…I am flying my plane again…after so many years of being afraid to fly!  I have my wings back! Thank you so much!”

“I am at the airport going home.  For the first time in my life, I am speechless!  Joy is flowing out of me.  I am so excited about my new life in Christ.  Thank you for the experience, thank you for the tools!”

“Before I came to A’nesis I felt dead… literally!  What became abundantly clear to me while there was how much I was living with one foot in my childhood and with one foot in the future.  Now I am able to be present with peace into today! Thank you! Thank you!”

“I am three months past my A’nesis experience and I just wanted to let you know I am still doing well!  The triggering is so much less and I am able to stay focused and renewing my mind so much better.  Words cannot express the thanks I feel for this life-changing transformation!”

“I wanted to say “thank you” for this week.  I never imagined it surpassing the first time I was at Anesis.  There is even more now I understand.  I am going to give myself time to absorb and rest.  Anesis is truly a gift from God for freedom for the Body of Christ!”

“Just letting you know how much more powerful and connected my prayer time is since my A’nesis sabbatical last fall.  Thank you. Thank you!”

“I am so grateful for the profound healing I experienced in my counseling sabbatical.  I admire your willingness to be trained in this type of Spirit/Body therapy.  You have a loving, relaxed and positive demeanor that made me completely trust you from our first conversation.  Thank you for walking through my grief with me.  I will never forget your kindness toward me which feels like God fleshing out His love for me through you.”


“I am praising God for the gift of His leading me to A’nesis.  I am truly changed forever and walk now with peace and freedom.  Thank you for touching my life in ways no other has.  I can’t wait to see what the journey from this moment on looks like!”

“Thank everyone for being available to stand in the gap for us.  Give them the praise report of God’s love for us and victory that has come to our house/life.  I wish you were here for me to hug and kiss you a million times.  How can I ever thank you for working with us with such power?  GIANT SLAYER lol.  God did his miracle work through you for us.  Whenever you feel dismay, know your work is not in vain.  We needed to go to the mountaintop to hear and experience God’s love for us.  The tears of victory are still flowing!”


“I left my A’nesis Counseling Sabbaticals with answers, truth, freedom, and hope for my future. Finally! Things just make sense to me now!  No more drug rehab for me!”

“I searched forever for the right place.  Finally! A’nesis and Sanctuary are such a unique combination of professional help and safety in surroundings.  I am so grateful your Web site finally “popped up” in my searching. Thank you!”

“I am forever changed.  My husband cried when I was finally able to explain how the past trauma in my life was affecting me.  I am loved and healed.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”


“With gratitude…thank you so much for ministering to me.  I will always treasure my time spent with you at A’nesis.  It was life-changing!  You are a blessing!”

“After being in a verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive marriage for 3 years, I was searching for something to help me get my mind back….something that would help me gather all the broken pieces of myself, sort it all out, and feel whole again. I didn’t know what I needed but I knew I needed something. The burden was overwhelming and the lies I had come to believe about myself were debilitating. God led me to Anesis where I finally began this “truth process”… God has used Trudy in an incredible way to help me understand how HE views me and what a healthy marriage should look like. God has gifted Trudy with an amazing ability to understand the abuse and the negative effects of it as well as the ability to empathize with the situation and gently proclaim truth to the victim. When I arrived at Anesis I was exhausted from the battle, had no confidence in myself, and had little reason to hope for a better life. When I left I felt mentally and physically lighter and felt like my life had just begun again. God has given me hope and a new identity. My time at Anesis was more than I could have ever hoped it would be and I am so grateful for Trudy and her instruction, support, encouragement, and prayers.”

“We wanted to thank you!  Oh, where do we begin?  We appreciate all you did for us individually and for our marriage.  We are set free, excited for all God has for us and we have seen his amazing healing in our hearts! Truly, beauty from ashes! Many thanks!”

“I am back to my ministry work!  Those things that used to frustrate me are there but they don’t bother me like they did.  Nothing’s changed but ME!  Thank you!”

“I am recommending you to a special friend of mine. Since my A’nesis experience, I have been truly healed from past wounds.  You often come to mind.  I pray for your ministry.”


“I wanted to send you this butterfly to remind everyone who sees it of the Trauma Resolution Therapy that A’nesis counseling sabbaticals offers. “God created us to be butterflies… beautiful and free and a joy to those around us. But many of us get stuck as caterpillars, inching along, only able to see the ground or branch in front of us. We struggle and plod through life missing the joy God has for us.  This A’nesis Retreat through Trudy’s (and God’s) innovative technique helped me move into the next phase.   God wrapped me in a cocoon of His love and healing. I emerged free of the hurts from the past, peaceful in the present, and able to cope with future hurts, radiating His love and joy as the butterfly I was meant to be.”

“Anesis retreats offer an invaluable resource for anyone but especially those who serve the body of Christ in vocational ministry.  We are open to all kinds of attack but none more severe than emotional exhaustion and turmoil. My time at the Anesis retreat was such a validating, healing and freeing experience.   God used Trudy and A’nesis to help me understand and heal from past trauma but most importantly, gave me tools to manage turmoil in the present.  Anesis gave me time to rest, time to absorb and time to reconnect with a God I felt had forgotten me.  I highly recommend Trudy Johnson and A’nesis retreats at Sanctuary for anyone who wishes to have relief from the bondage of the past and strength to live in Christ’s peace every day for the present.”

“Trudy, THANK YOU!  How do I say thank you for my ‘new life.’  It was hard work but now I see so more clearly.  This was definitely worth the time and money for my new perspective on life. Thank you again… and thank you to Kevin and Julie also.”

“I had no clue my past sexual abuse was still causing me so many problems after all these years.  I thought I’d “dealt” with it all!  Trudy’s techniques (with the help of the Holy Spirit) uncovered so much more.  I can honestly say now…no triggering!  WOW! I am free! And Sanctuary was the absolute BEST place to heal in also.”

“Being here at Sanctuary has been a wonderful experience. This place is a constant reminder of the presence of God. It is a peaceful relaxing place to draw nearer to God and appreciate all He is. Kevin and Julie are welcoming, warm, and friendly. It is a comfortable safe place to seek healing. Trudy is the absolute best to work with; caring and compassionate. It is truly an amazing place to experience God’s love and healing touch.”

“The Sanctuary is such a wonderful place to be I thought I would never want to leave. It is quiet, private, beautiful and also has Kevin and Julie, who loved me, and who also take care of the “sanctuary” God has provided. My sessions with Trudy produced great insights and direction for me to search for answers, to rest and to heal and I was surprised to find that I was ready to go back and face the reality back home. Trudy and the Sanctuary are so vital to those in ministry.”

“Trudy, when I clicked on the link to your new adventure and saw the first page….my eyes welled up with tears. I read each page and even the tests you offer to women in ministry or pastor’s wives to examine where they may be struggling. I was humbled as I saw how God took my struggling self along your path and was part of His plan to burn within you a passion to reach out to other women in ministry.”

“Thank you so much for providing this life-saving, invaluable work for spouses of ministers and others. I wish I had known about it when I needed help 3-5 years ago.”

“Thank you for reaching out to pastors’ wives. I’ve been in the thick of ministry for 25 years. My husband has now reached a point of burn-out. I wish there had been something like this available to us when we were needing help.”

“From the depths of my heart, I want to thank those who provided the scholarship to attend an individual A’nesis counseling sabbatical. I came to Trudy feeling broken, discouraged and overwhelmed by the lies of the enemy. God used Trudy to help me face my wounds and point me to find hope and healing in a new way in Jesus. This retreat has made an impact in my life that will affect others as I reach out to international students when I work with them. What a gift from God this counseling was! I am forever changed.”

“My life has been great since I got back from Colorado. My wife and I have a whole new relationship. My life is great..i haven’t had the urge to gamble since I came home. I’m so happy… I honestly feel like the old me was this total dark ogre that wandered around…now I’m a new me!”

“Thank you for all you do for women. Those of us in ministry need it and we often do not have safe places to go with all that is on our hearts.”

“Just a note to let you know I so appreciate our time together. I learned a lot and am processing… God is so good and I thank you for your ministry which has breathed life into me. God’s love and grace be upon you dear woman!” 

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