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Is Christian Intensive Counseling for Me?
What Therapy Model Do You Use?
What general costs are involved?

These questions and more are answered below

Is Christian Intensive Counseling for Me?

If you are frustrated with weekly counseling appointments that end in 50 minutes (just when you get to the “digging in” place) or if you need to pull away and address your issues in a confidential setting away from the distractions of daily life, you will love the intensive sabbatical format.  This type of therapy accelerates the healing process and can accomplish in one or two weeks what takes “normal counseling” years. Click Here for a Video Testimonial of a client’s experience at A’nesis.

Is This an Inpatient Program?

A’nesis Trauma Resolution counseling sabbaticals are NOT inpatient programs.  There will be no 24-hour supervision available.  Participants must be able to travel and to stay in the motel of their choice.  If staying alone is an issue, it is advisable to bring a companion with you.

A’nesis Trauma Resolution Counseling Sabbaticals can accomplish similar work compared to many inpatient programs at other facilities that can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  However, this is NOT a 24-hour venue.

What Therapy Model Do You Use?

Dr. Trudy M. Johnson has developed what she calls the CORE Model of therapy for trauma resolution.  This unique program specifically targets the deep-level heart issues and gets to the CORE of problems for a permanent change. CORE THERAPY is for trauma resolution and lifetime issues that won’t go away with normal counseling.  All Pastoral counseling addresses ministry hurts and wounds and uses Ashland Seminary models for healing.

Who Should Attend?

If you are in Christian ministry and are experiencing a “desert time,”  are questioning your walk or even your calling because of burn-out, you should “come away to a quiet place.”

If you are a high-profile person who needs Christian wisdom and professional guidance with extreme confidentiality and privacy, you should “come away to a quiet place.” If you are a Christian believer who has never experienced the freedom available to you and need a safe place to heal from deep wounds and trauma that prevent you from being victorious, you should “come away to a quiet place.”  

If you are a Christian, but harbor deep secrets that need to be addressed with complete assurance of privacy, you should “come away to a quiet place.”  Do you keep getting into the same destructive patterns and relationships?  You should “come away to a quiet place” and receive permanent healing. Are you suffering from anxiety, depression or have addictive behaviors? You should “come away to a quiet place.”


Dr. Trudy has been amazed to see so many clients still receive awesome changes using her online version of individual or marriage intensives. You should make sure your environment is quiet and free of distraction while participating in your intensive. Some clients even travel to nearby settings so that they have the “feel” of getting away. It is necessary for your intensive space to have a good internet connection. After you choose your intensive week, A’nesis sends via Federal Express your intensive materials and handbook. 

The cost for the online version is the same as in-person, however, you will greatly reduce the cost of travel expenses. For some clients, keeping costs down and decreasing travel stressors actually contributes to a more successful intensive experience. Also, some clients feel more at ease in their own environment, rather than coming to Phoenix, Arizona.

How Do I Begin?

An assessment by Dr. Trudy M. Johnson is required to see if you are a candidate for an A’nesis Intensive. Contact us on the tab above if you would like to schedule this assessment. (30 minutes).

Does A’nesis Have a Scholarship Fund?

Dr. Trudy M. Johnson started Healthy Daughters in 2007 when she saw the great need for women to receive trauma resolution for moving forward in their lives.  This non-profit provides some assistance to help women pay the fees for the therapy.  Because we are extremely small, our funds are limited.  You might consider having your church or family or friends contribute to the non-profit.  You will “pay it forward” to help someone else and receive funds that others have donated.



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