Trudy's Story

How her Journey perfectly positions her to help you heal

“I grew up in the Methodist Church. My parents were not overtly Christians. They believed but are the ones who “took me and dropped me off” and came back later to pick me up.” 

When I went to college, I strayed from my beliefs and went on my own path, basically the path to destruction.

When I re-dedicated my life to the Lord around the age of 40, my life was in the pit. I was basically planning my own suicide.

Ironically, it was in pulling out my Bible and reading the Psalms and then copying them into my journal that I began to be, as David would say, “encouraged in the Lord.” Eventually, I went back to college at the ripe ol’ age of 44.

I finished my Bachelors and two Master’s Degrees working full time at Focus on the Family and going to school part-time. It was in the quest of myself personally moving from death to life that I began to be passionate for women in similar situations of depression and lowness. I began to realize how trauma had affected all aspects of my life. Eventually, I partnered with Master’s International School of Divinity to write the first ever curriculum to help pastors understand abortion grief and also a course called, “Counseling the Woman of Trauma.” (

Little by little I took every course available about trauma and abuse. It was from my own journey of healing, plus the training that God sent my way that the brief intensive counseling sabbatical program was born. I feel the unique combination of my own personal victory, professional training, Biblical training and receptivity to the Holy Spirit is God-ordained and something that belongs to HIM, not to me. I am honored that He would use me as a tool to
help free women from the bondage of trauma.

I believe the A’nesis Retreats and Counseling Sabbaticals are an “end-times” ministry. What is abundantly clear to me is that the Bride—the Bride that Jesus loves so much—is in crisis because of the dysfunction-ridden family systems so many have grown up in. The trauma of alcoholic family or origins, child molestation and sexual abuse, other abuse and lack of nurturing and teaching by parents have put so many wounds on His Bride that she is unable to “hear His voice” or receive that she is worthy of a love that He freely gives.



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My Ministry

And so this is my ministry: attending the Bride to prepare her for the wedding feast. To make sure that when He whispers to His church they will be able to hear His voice instead of the blaring voice of the enemy. I consider it an honor to walk the road to healing with any woman of trauma God sends my way.

He is coming back for His pure and spotless Bride. We need to know in our hearts that we are deserving of such a description. Unfortunately, for the trauma-ridden individual, theirs is a daily struggle to believe this Truth.

Staying in the folds of His robe,

Trudy M. Johnson, PhD

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