The most powerful Truth I encountered in 2014 was the concept of “God is before all things that touch me” taken from the verse in Colossians 1:17 that says, “He is before all things and in Him, all things hold together (NIV).”

Reflecting on all the “Life-stories” I’ve heard this year it is hard to imagine that God could actually be “in those things and even ahead of those things” that touched my clients. Deaths of babies, deaths of children, cruel and unusual suicides, horrible abuses by fathers and mothers to their own children and horrible transgressions and betrayals by husbands and wives to each other.

If one is not careful to stay close to and in constant touch with the Truth, a helper in my field of counseling could easily lose their way. All I can do is hold on to the attributes and character of God. It is necessary for me every day to keep on reminding myself of God’s goodness, of His plans, His purposes, and His ways.

I reflect back on the year and hang tight. The God of the Universe makes no mistakes. He has the ultimate plans and purposes that are beyond our wildest ability to imagine. Even in the nitty-gritty ugliness of the ways of the world and what it deals humanity, God is sovereign and He is able.

I rest in the assurance that no matter what touches me, it is no surprise to Him. He’s already walked ahead of me and removed absolutely anything that would have the ability to destroy me. In His love, He leaves the rest of the obstacles. The ones that will make my trust level stronger, the ones that will draw me closer to Him.

There is solace in knowing He’s cleared the way for the most terrible of things. All others He knows about and He brings me comfort in the midst of the trial. I carry this hope for those who are hurting over what last year has dealt them. I hope that they can receive comfort in This Truth. God allows in His wisdom what by His power He could prevent. Yes, we are a few hours into this new year, and already He has gone before us.


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