She sat in her pajamas on the couch in her room, hands over eyes — exasperated. “I realize I am a high-functioning wreck!” The identification of where she was in life was so painfully true, there was nothing else for the two of us to do than to burst into laughter. We both wanted to cry at the realization, but laughing seemed to break the tension of the moment.

Being on the treadmill of life we just keep doing the things we learned to do in our childhood. We figure out ways to avoid pain, ways of coping to comfort ourselves with absolutely no help from others, and we try different manipulations to “get” love and acceptance from those we need it from most.

Eventually, those broken ways of a child catch up with us. We figure out NONE of our child-created ways of coping are working. Our “if only we tried harder” schemes just seem to fall flat.

It is in the place of realization that nothing is working, this is the perfect place to start anew. New thoughts, new ways, new belief systems based on the truth, instead of the coping and lies that we believe about ourselves… lies like “I’m beyond repair, I’m too flawed to be fixed.” This is the newness that sets us free that He talks about so often.

The fact that my client was able “to see” her true condition was the turning point for the rest of her time at A’nesis. This person arrived as a “high functioning wreck.” She departed “a new creation in Christ.” Now that is something to really give God glory for! Thank you! Thank you!


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