I’ve had an up-close experience with pain since November 17, 2019, at 2:30pm.  Yes, I know the date and time well because that was when I had a freak bicycle accident, in my neighborhood that resulted in a broken tibia in two places. In laymen’s language that means I broke my leg in two places in the knee area. As I’ve “walked” this journey of rehabilitation, I am amazed at the parallels of physical pain to emotional pain. For sure I see three noteworthy ways pain impacts our daily life.

1 | Self-protection becomes the number one concern
The incredible pain in my right leg became my main focus. I guarded that painful area with my life. Even though I had a protective brace the length of my leg, I made sure nothing hit, bumped or touched me. I became like a well-trained watchdog to make sure this painful area was guarded from any further pain. As much as I trust my husband, I really didn’t trust him around my injured leg. He might hit it or bump it and there I would be…sitting in more pain!

2 | My pain controlled my life
My daily routine was about taking my pain meds on time because going without them set me back into pain and it took a few more hours to get out of the pain. I made sure ice was applied frequently. My day was consumed with taking care of my pain, which meant trying to stop it or trying to prevent it from getting worse,

3 | I noticed spiritually I wasn’t “as sharp”
Because of the pain meds and the focus on the pain and prevention of pain, I wasn’t able to “get into” my quiet time or even pray. I was “floating” …aware that God was carrying me but unable to connect with Him in my usual manner.

I realize how my clients suffering from emotional pain could go through this same process I did in my healing journey. Their main focus is to try not to feel the same pain again. The pain impacts and controls the way they respond to and handle life. The pain disconnects them from their source.

On my own, I wouldn’t have made near as much progress. I needed help getting through my season of physical brokenness. Getting through “this” was impossible on my own.  Sometimes I had to bite the bullet and ask my husband for the simplest of things. Day after day he patiently delivered what I needed to my recliner. He brought my phone, my IPad, and my laptop and put my socks on my feet every morning. In my counseling room, a couple of times I even had to ask clients to move my walker where I could reach it.

The answer to pain is to patiently do what you need to do to heal.  That means you don’t ignore the pain.  You acknowledge you’ve been hurt. You go to others who can help you walk the road to recovery.  For me, it was and still is Physical Therapy. For you, it could be professional therapy or counseling.  Don’t let your emotional pain and resultant pain impacts run your life! There are ways to get help, to reach out and begin the process of healing.  Your emotional pain doesn’t have to control your daily life even though it has a great capacity to do so.


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