Keeping in the right “place” spiritually is not easy. I find that most people (myself included) are like giant ping pong balls. Some days we can do no wrong as we bounce back and forth on the table. Other days we couldn’t hit the mark if our life depended on it.

It is SO HARD to fight that battle between flesh and spirit.  As Paul once said, “the Spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

I’ll always remember a comment by Billy Graham. I have no reference for where I saw it. Apparently, he sat in a very low chair every morning when he did his praying. He wanted the tangible reminder that to be at Jesus’ feet we all need to be close to the ground. By starting out low in the mornings he was able to live in humility the rest of the day.

Maybe a good way to fight the flesh – the mighty flesh that wants to stand on mountain tops and proclaim greatness – is to start the morning by “staying low” sitting at Jesus’ feet Those are the feet that have nail holes in them, driven there because of me. That’s a thought that should keep me humble at least for a few hours.