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Certified Trauma Specialist – Master’s Level
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Wives World ~ When Church is the Trigger

“I realized when I was in church last week I was feeling trapped, vulnerable and anxious.”  Can you imagine the place that we go to be with God and worship Him and all His ways is the one place that brings us down the most. More and more as I work with Christian women, ministry…

Wives World ~ Trusting Trauma Instead of Trusting

The most evil outcome of past trauma is that it becomes more real than Truth.  Trusting that the trauma will happen again starts a person on a path of complete destruction.  The trauma becomes the focus of the persons eyes and heart. Recipients of childhood trauma live in a constant state of protection and preparedness. …

Wives World ~ The Trouble with Trauma ~ Triggers!

God tells us to live in each day…not being anxious about tomorrow or dwelling on the past.  The trouble with trauma is that is disrupts the process of being able to focus in on “today.”  If you’ve ever lived by a train track you know that you can eventually get used to the noise.  However…