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reactive attachment disorder and christian parents

Wives World ~ The Shame of Depression

I hear about women and men ashamed about their depression all the time. Even though their life might appear perfect to those around them, they are “faking it, until they make it.” Unfortunately, the combination of keeping the secret of depression and being shamed about it only creates more of the same…depression and shame. We…

Wives World ~ Who am I?

The seasons of life have a way of sending us reeling. Just when we think we know who we are, circumstances bring us overwhelming challenges and we find ourselves wondering where we went. I am reminded a sign I used to have in my office a million years ago. “I’ve gone to lunch. When I…

Wives World ~ Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed is a word I hear a lot from women.  Overwhelmed is a tough place to be.  Because life can be overwhelming as it throws its daily challenges and pressures at us sometimes we can just be too full, too done to go on.  I am amazed at how strong women are and how much…

Wives World ~ Depression is Real

In light of the recent tragedy with Rick and Kay Warren’s son (our prayers will go out to you in the coming months) we are reminded of the darkness and its power to overtake our minds and eventually our souls.  Depression is real.  Regardless of the reason, it is time for the church to stop…