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Wives World~Tis the Season…

During the Christmas season there is something about the tension of amazing love and peace that rubs up against the realities of life as it continues to happen. I am afraid that Christmas has gone the way of Hollywood. A false sense of happiness and security exudes from every blaring commercial. We hear this as…

Wives World ~ “If Only” There Were More Ralph and Helen Marriages!

My husband lost the patriarch of his family this year with the passing of his Uncle Ralph, a WWII Veteran. His Uncle Ralph and Aunt Helen were known in the Johnson family as “the ones” who sent Thanksgiving cards instead of Christmas cards. Every year for as long as we know, a wonderful update would…

Wives World ~ Living Proof: Marriage Miracles are Possible

A former A’nesis Counseling Sabbatical client sent me great news and thanks for the miracle of his restored marriage. His wife came for a counseling sabbatical first. He came later for his own personal work. Eventually they returned to Colorado as a couple. He graciously gave me permission to post part of his thank you…