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Wives World ~ Expectations and Lessons Learned

Oh how the expectations of life trip us up. The things we “expected” don’t happen. Instead we end up disappointed, disillusioned and discouraged. So many of my clients struggle with things not turning out like they “expected.” Sometimes I think that expectations are merely God’s way to get our attention. What we expect doesn’t happen…

Wives World ~ The Most Destructive Three Words: “It’s Not Fair.”

“It’s not fair.”  I hear that a LOT.  Any person stuck in this mindset will be miserable, sad, hopeless, defeated and yes stuck.  One of the most important things we all need to learn in our journeys is that life simply is not fair.  All fairness stopped in the Garden of Eden.  Once the enemy…

Wives World ~ Overwhelmed

Overwhelmed is a word I hear a lot from women.  Overwhelmed is a tough place to be.  Because life can be overwhelming as it throws its daily challenges and pressures at us sometimes we can just be too full, too done to go on.  I am amazed at how strong women are and how much…

Wives World ~ Spring Cleaning or De-Junking?

I took this week off for a specific project. DE-JUNKING our entire house.  My husband and I decided things were getting way toooooo cluttered and have gone on a tossing-spree that makes Atila the Hun look compassionate.  We are going room by room to throw out useless items or things that are just plain meaningless. …

Wives World ~ Depression is Real

In light of the recent tragedy with Rick and Kay Warren’s son (our prayers will go out to you in the coming months) we are reminded of the darkness and its power to overtake our minds and eventually our souls.  Depression is real.  Regardless of the reason, it is time for the church to stop…