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Still in Prison…

This is such a great devotional this morning I am passing it along to you. All I can say is, I’ve been there…done that…more than once.

To this day, the only thing that “gets me through” is the same concept…crawling under my desk and asking God for what I need for the day…that system got me through and worked so well I still use it!

Here is the link to the devotional.


    • A good question and one that we have ALL had…including many of the saints in the Bible…the worst case of ALL was Jesus hanging on the cross and feeling completely forsaken by His Father. Sometimes God chooses to remain hidden but we have to understand everything He does and everyday He speaks to us…even when He doesn’t serves a purpose. He wants us to continue to seek, ask and knock…His promise is that He WILL answer…the problem is WHEN. Are we needing to learn more persistence, patience (ugh!)…the promises we can cling to during the quiet times is that (1) yes I am here b/c I promised to never leave or forsake you and (2) yes I WILL answer because I’ve told you when I call unto you I WILL answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know! Rest assured as you hang in there and continually seek His face when He does answer you will be stronger, your faith will have grown and the answers will be amazingly and exceedingly, abundantly more and greater than you ever imagined. Wish things were more cut and dried…but we walk by faith not by sight. All I know is that I can tell you this as 100% true because I myself have times of God being quiet. Eventually He did answer in ways I couldn’t have ever dreamed! Jesus cried out on the cross. God didn’t answer. 3 days later the answer He got forever changed humanity. That’s the way He works…somehow we have to trust the process!

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