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Wives World ~ Faking People Out

I’ve been doing a study recently about the emotions of Jesus. Because the trauma resolution therapy I use addresses stuffed emotions, I’ve started being more aware of our emotional world and also become interested in the emotional side of our Savior.

Somehow we’ve gotten into some sort of delusional thinking as Christians that we are only allowed positive emotions. Jesus being the prime example, I am amazed at how many people think of Jesus as a “mannequin-man.” During my study of Jesus’ emotional moments one that has jumped out recently was the incident of Jesus getting mad at a tree. Mark 11:12-14 records the incident of Jesus being upset at a fig tree. It is almost laughable when we look at the last sentence of the account: “And his disciples heard him say it.” It seems the author was afraid that readers down the years would really question whether Jesus would actually “curse a tree.” The added emphasis is there. “Honest Injun, we heard him do this!”

Jesus’ angst parallels what so many of us go through. He was disappointed ! You see he saw in the distance this beautiful tree with beautiful foliage. You can see how He must have gotten His hopes up! Very hungry and probably tired after a long walk, He was expecting this tree to deliver the goods! It looked like it was going to come through for Him. As He got closer though He saw that the tree faked Him out. What appeared to be was not. This was a double whammy for Jesus. Jesus knew it was not the time of the year for figs to show abundant greenery. So for the tree to pretend to be full and growing when He knew good and well it wasn’t the time…that was twice the pain for Him. Jesus got tricked and He didn’t take it well.

Yes, imagine that! Even the Disciples witnessed Jesus being disappointed and getting angry about that disappointment. The obvious spiritual implications for us is that Jesus doesn’t take it lightly when we fake our spiritual walk. We may look all flourishing on the outside but if there is no fruit…well not only does it disappoint Him, He also gets a bit upset about those who purposely try to look good on the outside but who don’t go through the pain or work to produce fruit. It is obvious to me, Jesus doesn’t like us pretending to be something we’re not.

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