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Wives World ~Reminders of the Disappointments of Love

Well, today is that dreaded day for so many. Valentines Day! I guess I am jaded but I see this day being so painful for so many that it almost takes the “zip” out of it for me. Especially since in my own personal life…and I am so grateful for this…everyday is Valentine’s Day.

However for so many women and men this is a day that many just want to be over. It’s such a reminder of painful relationships and terrible experiences with the opposite sex. I’ve had a few years of this miserable day…just wanting it to be over. I think back at the changing point for me personally.

It was one of those miserable days until…just a few days after I had re-committed my life to Christ actually, that the entire day took an entire different flavor for me. As Divine Providence would have it, it was on this day that the place I worked at the time sent me “out on deliveries.” Some of the deliveries actually were even 100 miles away! It was on this day that I drove and listened to Christian music. It was like the whole day’s music had been programmed straight from Jesus…to me! Every song ministered to me. Every single message was one of unconditional love, acceptance and hope.

The difference in this Valentines’ experience as opposed to the horrible memories of years past was that I was focusing not on the human disappointments and flaws of someone who just wasn’t able to deliver to my heart what I needed. I looked not to a mere man for my identity, my peace, my love. I was concentrating the whole day on the source of all encompassing, amazing agape love of Christ.

If you are struggling today or even if you aren’t, I find that making Valentine’s Day about accepting the love of our Savior and sitting in that and celebrating that makes the day pass much quicker and with so much less emptiness. From that turning point Valentine’s Day in my life, I’ve always spent time rekindling my love for my Savior. I find out of focusing on Him, I am able to then spill out my love to others on this day. It truly does work. It is in receiving Christ’s love that I am able to overflow with love to those who need it. Looking to Him on this day…it will keep you sane and prevent you from falling into the hole of despair.

As I tell my clients, “Jesus is the ONE man who will die for you.”


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