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Wives World ~ Living Proof: Marriage Miracles are Possible

A former A’nesis Counseling Sabbatical client sent me great news and thanks for the miracle of his restored marriage. His wife came for a counseling sabbatical first. He came later for his own personal work. Eventually they returned to Colorado as a couple. He graciously gave me permission to post part of his thank you letter as a way to encourage others going through very difficult times in their individual and married lives.

I personally experienced this journey with each person individually and then sat with them as a couple. I so admire their desire and their willingness to go through the process of starting again in their marriage. Was it easy? NO! Was it worth it? You can draw your own conclusions below.

He writes:
“Two years ago I was staying in an empty home, Every morning I jogged through the
neighborhood listening to Scripture music. I stopped every ten steps or so to bend over, embrace myself, and weep. My wife and I were a week into a separation that, in the absence of miracle, would result in the surrendering of our marriage and family.

Looking back, it was terrible. It was also exactly where I needed to be. And Jesus was right there with me, jogging every step. Stopping. Holding me closer than I held myself. Weeping with me when I wept. Weeping for me when I ran.

Today, two years later, we had a nice meal at my wife’s parent’s home. I am sending this thank you to my church family, our therapists and counselors, and friends who surrounded us with their support and love to walk us through this dark time. And through the miracle working power of The Lord Jesus our sweet family is together for the holidays…today and always. Thank you.”

Be encouraged, if your marriage is in a hopeless place, seemingly beyond repair. The process is painful and it might be long, but miracles are possible when Christ works in individual hearts.

2014 may be the year that you “take up your mat and walk” through the tough places of vulnerability for eventual restoration.

“I can’t sir,” the sick man said, “for I have no one to put me into the pool when the water bubbles up. Someone always gets there ahead of me.” John 5:7


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