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Wives World ~ The I’ll Never Get Overs

The more I work with clients, the more I see the reality of the “I’ll never get overs” of life. It struck me the other day when my husband was having a long conversation with our son. “Dad, I’ll just never get over…” When the call ended we started talking about the impact of the loss our son was experiencing. Then we started listing out our own personal “never get overs.”

There were our own choices that caused “never get overs.” For me, loss of a child through a selfish abortion decision for me. Loss of a previous marriage for both of us…because of an inability to navigate the waters of difficult relationships.

There were “never get overs” brought by circumstances of life resulting in loss of businesses, loss of cars, loss of homes, loss of important relationships…loss, loss loss.

Looking back we realized we are now old enough to start seeing God’s Hand in every “never get over.” When you are in the middle of the grief of the loss it is almost impossible to see that anything good could come out of it. I guess one advantage of being older and wiser we are able to see how God came to every place of hurt and pain and brought an amazing healing and/or better plan out of each situation.

There has not been one single “never get over” that God hasn’t brought complete restoration to for us. God truly never wastes our pain. Every ounce of anguish, every teardrop is transformed through His amazing ability to bring restoration. Thinking of our precious perfect lamb, sweet Jesus, hanging on that cross…His pain transformed eternity for us all. It is through “His loss” that we CAN get over the “I’ll never get overs.”

It is impossible for God to lie. The “I’ll never get overs” are just stepping stones to understanding and peace. If you are in the middle of your own personal “I’ll never get over” crisis, I pray the God of all comfort will bring you an amazing sense of hope that though you may never get over your loss, you will someday see His Hand scooping you up, redeeming the time, healing and bringing good.


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