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Wives World ~ Who am I?

The seasons of life have a way of sending us reeling. Just when we think we know who we are, circumstances bring us overwhelming challenges and we find ourselves wondering where we went. I am reminded a sign I used to have in my office a million years ago. “I’ve gone to lunch. When I return, please let me know.” I’ve spent my share of years realizing my life was not what I signed up for. Like Alice in Wonderland we fall down the hole into the land of jabberwocky where nothing makes sense.

I think of so many of my clients who “married the perfect man.” Eventually, the masks come off (It takes about six months, by the way) and standing before you is a stranger you neither know nor care to know. For whatever reason…and not to pick on men…marriage has a way of exposing all the little flawed places we manage to keep hidden from those who don’t truly know us. Like the moles and freckles in unusual placees, all is brought to the light when we get into intimate, connecting relationships.

Besides marriage setting us down in the Land of Oz, so does motherhood. The minute we set our eyes on that precious little life the most powerless of the female species turn into mother bears. Who knew we had this side of us?

Somehow, the key to the constant change life is guaranteed to bring us is to “know thyself.” This means that somehow deep in our hearts we must be fully assured “who we are in His eyes” and “whose we belong to.” Knowing that this world is not our home and that circumstances around us do not define us…well if any of us could master this mindset for as many days as possible during the week…this would be a great accomplishment.


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