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Wives World ~ Shameful Choices Create Shameful Identities

Shame is one of the major players in the lives of women caught up in identity deceptions.  I’m calling this “identity deception” instead of “low self-esteem.”  While low self esteem gives us a good idea of the concept, the root of the problem is the fact that the enemy constantly wants us to “feel bad” about who we are.

A shame-based identity is the plan of the enemy for us all.  It started in the Garden.  Once Eve made the choice to trust “outside voices” instead of God, she had to hide in her new clothes—shame.  Just like the orginal Mom of us all, Eve, once we go our own way and choose outside of God’s best, we have to start covering up and hiding.  Once the layers get thick enough, we completely lose track of who we really are.

So many of my clients get caught in the trap of one original shameful choice.  Once that decision is made they continue in a cycle of shameful choices.  Eventually, the enemy convinces them they are beyond repair. 

If you find yourself running thoughts like “I’m completely flawed”  or “I have to try twice as hard to be half as good” through your head often, you need an identity upgrade.  You don’t need more self-esteem.  You’re already “highly esteemed” in the eyes of Christ.  You just need to switch the message in your heart! 

Dropping your identity from a shame-based one to the real identity that’s been bought and paid for with a price is the answer for us all.  The work has been done…you just don’t know it because your cloak of shame covers up what Christ has done for you.


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