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Wives World ~ Pictures from My Past

This morning was an awsome time with the Lord.  Everyonce in awhile Jesus “takes me back.”  These times He takes me back are never to scold or condemn.  I am amazed at how when He goes back into our past, even though there is pain there, it is always from a place of peace, hope and incredible love.  How on earth can He do that?  Help us go to some of the most painful times, yet in the midst of us give us such amazing healing?

It was like I was watching a video of my life on a huge screen.  He showed me how many times He was standing by to protect and guide.  There was a car I didn’t get into that I should have.  The passenger in that car who did get in was killed.  Jesus was standing there showing me all the amazing ways He intervened in my life.

I asked some questions He didn’t answer.  I suppose the answer wasn’t really necessary.  Finally, He showed me the biggest pain in my heart…He showed me the baby…now a grown woman…that I chose abortion for so many years ago.  I suppose the Roe vs Wade day yesterday (40 years of legalized abortion in our nation) must have bubbled up some feelings about that for me. 

It was a beautiful picture of Him taking care of her, my beautiful child.  The only message I got was “redemption, redemption, redemption”  I cried some more tears.  They weren’t woe is me tears or punishment tears.  They were healing tears that applied a bit more balm of gilead to my heart. 

Wherever your biggest pain is today, don’t try to manage it or stuff it or avoid it.  Just let Jesus “go there” with you and let Him bring you the same peace, hope, love and messages of redemption.  I assure you, “this” is the only way to go back into your past and emerge with victorious peace.


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