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Wives World~ “You Do Not Want to Leave Me Too, Do You?”

It’s hard for us to imagine that the God of the Universe and Creator of heaven and earth who came to us as His Son in the flesh would struggle with abandonment issues.  The deep seated heart level issue of abandonment is probably the number one root cause of most of the heart hurts of my clients. 

I am always so amazed at how Jesus “did” His life while on earth.  His behaviors, His thoughts, His ways just flat intrigue me.  I was surprised this morning reading in John 6 that He struggled with a tiny bit of insecurity when it came to wondering “who else” would leave Him.

This question was in response to the fact that “many disciples” deserted Jesus.  “This is a hard teaching,” they said when Jesus challenged them to forsake all, absolutely everything to follow HIM.  His instructions were too radical, too much, too hard.  And because of this, the Word says, “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.”

This defection was so big, that Jesus in a vulnerable moment turned to His disciples and asked them, “You do not want to leave me too, do you?” 

It encourages me to know that this fear that “everyone will eventually leave” is such a deep-seated heart-cry that even Jesus in all His Glory struggled with it.  To know that He understands this fear is of great comfort to me.   So when we come to Him as broken messes, alone and fearful,  He isn’t all fluff.  He gets “it.” He Himself knows how that hurts.  He’s experienced it. 



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