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Wives World ~ Are You Being Fertilized?

One of the most intriguing little stories in the Bible I’ve found is Luke 13:6-7.  This is talking about a man who had a fig tree in his vineyard that was basically doing nothing but taking up space.  It was so to speak…worthless!  Worthless!  Ever had anyone pronounce that curse over your head?  Nothing can be sadder than a parent who speaks this negative heart message over their child.  “Worthless!”

The caretaker of the vineyard had no hope in the worthless fig tree.  “Cut it down,” he says. “Why should it even be using up the soil?”  The owner of the fig tree just wouldn’t give up hope in the little desolate plant.  He rescued the fig tree and came up with an alternate plan.  “Just dig around it and fertilize it.  Leave it alone for one more year!”

WOW!  I’ve felt this way before.  I was on my last chance.  The only thing left was to be “dug around.”  It was painful! Then something else…fertilizer…ummmm…would that be manure…was put all around me.  And so there I sat, in a hole with bad smelling stuff completely surrounding me.  Quite a hopeless place to be!

I have a feeling that little fig tree became the prize fruit-bearer of the whole vine patch.  I just imagine a beautiful, abundant plant arising out of this desperate place.

If you are in this place as you begin this year be encouraged.  Your “owner” may just giving you one more chance to bear fruit.  I’ll be honest the process may just flat stink.  But the outcome?  Ohhhhhh you may be surprised!  God’s fertilizing process always results in abundant fruit.  He is the faithful caretaker of the garden.  Know that this is the season you must go through for Him to get you where you need to be.

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