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Wives World ~ “I Thought By Now…”

Life is disappointing.  For some, the disappointment comes early…dysfunctional parents and homes bring nothing but cruelty to innocent children.  Those who promised to be there aren’t.  People who should love us don’t.  People who promise to love us leave. Careers crash.  Health concerns can blind-side us out of nowhere. 

Unfortunately, our culture ( I believe through the fantasy of movies and books) gives the implied message that every one else is fine.  Everyone else’s last chapter turns out well.  No one else lays awake at night and ruminates over how life should be by now.  “Just me,” you say.

Christian women in our culture must start realizing that the only life that doesn’t set them up for failure Is one that focuses on the internal, not the external.  Getting our spiritual lives on track will help us all survive the disappointments that life brings.

Are you starting this year with a better understanding of your identity of Christ?  Is His presence more evident for more minutes a day right now than it was last year on January 11th?

Thinking life should be a certain way “by now” will only multiply your sorrows.  Truly, the only answer is a simple one…words from a simple man who spent his whole life in the wilderness…” He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30 NIV)


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