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Wives World ~ My Next Step…

One of the biggest challenges for clients is knowing what to do next.  With the future looming over their heads and a million unanswered questions and uncertainities, it is so hard to just flat know what to “do.”  You see our culture is all about “doing” and “knowing.”  Not to do and not to know seems to be the ultimate of sins.

The best thing I’ve found to “do” when I don’t know what to “do” consists of two steps actually. The first step is a stationary step of sorts.  I take one step forward (in my mind) and I stand close to Jesus.  I go towards Him and stay there, feeling His presence as best I can.  In order to get myself into this safe place, I imagine His Robe, His Hair, His Nail-Scarred Hands…anything tangible that I can call to my mind so that He becomes very real and touchable in my mind.  I try to stay in this place awhile so that I don’t feel alone.  Even if I can grasp onto a few moments of peace by doing this, that will settle me down into the fact that I don’t know my next step.

The next thing I “do” is the next “logical thing.”  I pray and ask God, ” What is the next logical thing to do?”  If you pray and just ask God to place in your mind guidance for the next step…He will!  (“Call on me and I WILL answer you and show you great and mighty things you do not know.”) He may direct you to a verse or bring a verse to your mind.  He may show you a book, He may bring a person across your path.

Knowing the next step becomes less important when we tangibly know we are not alone and that He truly does see us and gives us wisdom when we ask.  Getting the hang of this will change your life.  I’ve been there and done it.  Over and over again.  One step at a time.  I’m finally learning the journey…one step at a time, with Him holding my hand and showing the way.


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