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Wives World ~ Be Open to Surprise This Year

In the midst of the wordly cares we do get weighed down and lose our joy don’t we?  Keeping our eyes on current events and even politics can bring us down a hopeless puddle so fast!  Or if your life circumstances are so overwhelming it feels like you are walking in lead boots, then it is time to get some joy back into your mind and your heart!

It’s when we look at the world that we become like the world.  Then we start losing our hope.  We must remember our hope is NOT in anything earthly!  Our hope is in the God of the Universe who merely spoke and it was done.  How soon we forget the majesty, the power, the authority, the strength and the endless reserve of positive outcomes we have when we belong to the Lord Jesus Christ! 

Our God is not a weak God created by the hands of men!  Our God defeated DEATH!  How much better does it get than that?  I am reminded of short Zacchaeus.  Look at the hopelessness of his life! Remember the song about “Short People?”  Well that was Zacchaeus!  Not only was he short, he was a tax collector.  Yet another reason for him to have low self-esteem.  He did have money, though so that was a plus. (never mind that it was probably ill-gotten gain). 

Think of the surprise that entered Zacchaeus’ day, that special day when Jesus noticed him.  Jesus knew the horrible inadequacys of this man.  He knew that the only value ol’ Zach had for himself were his riches.  He knew inside this man’s heart was a shell of rejection.  Jesus surprised Zacchaeus by coming to him and inviting Himself to sit down to dinner and get to know him, really know him.

I challenge you for this year…let Jesus surprise you!  Even if you are so desperate as to climb a tree to see Him…do what you have to do to make Him available to your heart.  Let Him bring you alive this year.  Look to Him.  The world has nothing to offer you.  He is waiting to surprise you…give Him permission to come to your house and share a dinner.


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