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Wives World ~ “But Him They Did Not See…”

What do you do when you wake up one morning and realize you’re living in a tomb?  You contemplate what your life has become and you wonder not only how you got there, but how do you get out?  You know there is MORE, that somewhere “out there” there is life.  You don’t know how to get back to a place of life, but mostly you know you can’t live in this place of death anymore…”  Something has to change. 

As you sit midst the grave clothes you have the compelling inclination to run screaming from the tomb.  You’re no longer content to clothe yourself with a shroud and settle for this dead place.  So many of my clients are in this dead place when we begin our work.  So many are desperate to throw off the burial clothes and LIVE!

It’s hard to imagine that it is Jesus who beckons us out of the tomb…when we’re in the “dead place,” we like our Biblical sisters are unable to “see Him.”  Yet it is He, Himself, who draws us out of the dark into the light.   The women were in the tomb…”but they did not see Him.” (Luke 24:24)  That is because He wanted them to seek Him and find Him where He was…not among the dead.

If you are feeling like you’re living in a tomb it is because you are spiritually dead and the God of LIFE is calling you back to Him for renewal and connection.  Coming back to life spiritually is the first step.  We will never see Him in the tomb because He simply is not there.




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