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Wives World ~ The Important Things

The world has a way of throwing a lot of distractions our way.  Especially in this age of electronics.  This reality came in glaring form this morning during my “quiet time.”  I have a pretty standard way I “do things” every morning but this morning with it being a “new beginning” and all I thought I’d switch things up a bit. 

The holidays with time off afforded me time to download (finally!) the books I’ve been needing to read.  With six new books in my IPAD (yeah……….what a treat with some of them only being 1.99!) I thought I could designate some of my quiet time to reading these books because most of them are spiritual in nature.

BAD IDEA!!!  By the time I finished I was completely disconnected, distracted and ready to take a nap.  Usually when I finish my quiet time I am energized and ready for my day with peace in my heart.  Yes, it’s usually an odd combination of energy and peace. 

Finishing up, I made a note to self.  The last part of my quiet time ends up being reading my Jesus Calling (by Sarah Young) devotional.  Here was the reminder I needed.  Mary and Martha.  I had spent my precious time going through my list, like a Martha.  I had squandered the valuable part of my day…sitting at Jesus’ feet, soaking in His prescence. 

I have to remember the most important and valuable part of my day are the few moments I spend seeing His Face, feeling His Touch, hearing His Words…being with Him.   I don’t remember a single word I read out of those ebooks this morning.  I do remember His message to me as I closed out my time with Him.  For the year 2013, I’ve already learned my first lesson.  Being in His presence is the most important thing.  One touch from Him and my day will go well.


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