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Wives World ~ As Soon as Christmas is Over…

I’ve heard the sentence “as soon as Christmas is over” so many times the past few weeks.  “As soon as Christmas is over I’ll get to work on that.” “As soon as we get Christmas over, life can settle back down into my routine.”  “As soon as Christmas is over, things will pick up.”  “As soon as Christmas is over, things will slow down.” 

Since when did Christmas become something to get through, to get over with, to get done?  Seems our culture of busyness has permeated every fiber of our being.  Christmas has become about the chore, the list, the thing that we do so we can achieve it and get done with it.

Wouldn’t it be great if Christmas could truly be a Christ-honoring event that helps us re-evaluate, re-group, re-charge our lives?  Why must it be “the thing” that drains us…mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially?  Christmas should be an indwelling, a filling up…not an emptying of everything including our pocketbooks.  Wouldn’t it be great if we looked forward to Christmas because from that point on our tanks would be so full to the brim with praise for His presence that we could coast through whats ahead for us in the coming year.

If Christmas is to be anything except the “pagan holiday” that the secularists are trying to convince us that it is, we simply must somehow get Christ back into the center of it all…starting with our own hearts of praise for who He is…the One, True living God who lives inside us…the True lover of our soul.


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