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Wives World ~ Let Us Go…

It’s hard to wrap our minds around the depth of Jesus’ words and actions.  No wonder those who were with Him in His ministry didn’t “get it” half the time!  I read the gospels over and over and still get something new with each pass through.

 I realized this morning in Luke 8  when He commanded the disciples “let us go over to the other side of the lake,” that they were immediately obedient.  It simply says “so they got into the boat and set out.”  How many times do we hear His voice and argue, wait and eventually forget the original command?  If you’re like me, you analyze the “still small voice” to death.  Our thick brains must surely eventually understand that when we observe Christ’s orders, we may always assure ourselves of His Presence.  He would never command us to go by ourselves! 

Following His commands doesn’t mean there is peace in the circumstances. We go …and then the waves start crashing in on us.  In the midst of the storm after we’ve obeyed it can feel like He is sleeping.  This is when we panic.  Yet when we call, He will surely (it’s a done deal) answer us.  (Luke 8:29).  In the middle of the most frightening moments of the storm He is the peace giver.  As we look at the darkness of these present days we must rest assured.  For those of us who are “going with Him,” He is our peace midst the challenges. 

I realized reading this morning  this what Christmas is about…simple commands, simple obedience and overwhelming peace in the storm.  That is the Christmas story in 10 words or less.  Let us go…with Him, by Him and for Him, with the peace that passes all understanding in our hearts and with full assurance we do not go alone.


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