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Wives World ~ Betrayal Betrayal Betrayal

I seem to be in a season of betrayal.  I see it from so many of my clients dealing with loved ones (parents and siblings from family of origin, husbands and children), friends in ministry and friends in general.  Betrayal is such a part of life, which is probably why Jesus dealt with it so much when walking the earth.  Now as I read in the gospels I’m more aware of how much betrayal went on in those days.  Today is no different.  It’s different scenery and different circumstances but at the end of the day, as Solomon says, “nothing new is under the sun.”

When Jesus was betrayed he handled it in ways that I never could.  He turned the other cheek, He walked through the crowd, He gave the perfect answer.  Eventually though, I believe part of Jesus’ weeping in the Garden of Gethsemane was because the betrayals and disappointments of the people in His life had worn Him down.

Betrayal by loved ones is a loss that takes time to heal.  Ultimately, it is the One who knows the most about betrayal that must come and minister to our hearts.  He seems to be the only balm that can make the oweeeeeeeeee feel better.


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