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Wives World ~ Desperate, Blind and Begging

If I had three words to describe the majority of my clients,  “desperate, blind, and begging” would probably be a good choice.  I was reminded of this reading in Mark 10 this morning.  WOW!  Jesus met people like this too!  If this is the crowd HE hung around I guess I am doing something right with my life…HA!

Can you imagine this low place that poor Bartimaeus was in?   How more pathetic can you get?  Yet, in his cry for help, the God of the universe in the form of His earthly son walking around with dust on His feet, had a simple and to the point answer for the desperate man shouting at Him.  “What do you want me to do for you?”

WOW!  What a great feeling!  To be heard and known when you’re in such a low place!  I never ceased to be amazed at how perfect and excellent Jesus does things…He hears our cry for help and has the exact right answer always!

As I sit with my clients and hear their screams I try to have enough faith for both of us that Jesus will “come through” for them in this low place they are in.  It’s hard for them to believe it and so I MUST believe it, else how could I watch the level of pain I see and survive it all?

Yes, we’ve all had our days of being desperate, blind and begging.  The world never provides the solutions for us.  It’s only our precious Rabbi that takes the time to stop and hear our screams.  I’ve seen Him answer in so many ways and yet I stand in awe each time He reaches down and touches blind eyes and sore hearts.


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