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Wives World ~ Alone in the Boat…

Sanctuary near Buena Vista, Colorado
“Come away to a quiet place and rest awhile…”

Probably the toughest place to be is alone when all a (Mark 5) round us the storms are raging.  Imagine the disciples going through a similar situation.  The waves “broke over and they were nearly swamped.”  This description of life ever sound familiar to you?

When the crisis of life overwhelms that is bad enough, but when we feel like no one, not even God sees us, that is the very worst place to be.  Feeling alone in the boat to fight off everything coming at us to sink us invokes a level of fear that can keep us living in constant anxiety.

We, like the disciples, can quickly cry out, “Teacher don’t you care if we drown?”  Basically, the disciples scream to the God of the universe about their fear and the answer they receive feels only like cruel silence.

Jesus doesn’t promise us a boat with “no waves.”  What He does absolutely promise us is that He will NEVER leave us or forsake us.  This means, no matter what circumstance we are in, He is snuggled in close to watch and protect.

I picture Him like a protective parent.  With our children in the next rooms, we sleep but we don’t sleep.  We may be dead out, but let one of them whimper, cry out or need us and guess what…we are instantly hopping to our duties…to comfort and “be there.”

So imagine Jesus sleeping in your boat.  It is normal and OK to feel the fear when the waves are crashing.   Somehow through it all we simply must begin to trust Him that He does what He says He does…NEVER LEAVES US ALONE.


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