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Wives World ~ Life is sooooo Daily!


Ruth Graham once made the very wise statement:  “The trouble with life is that it’s so daily!”  Dragging ourselves out of bed each morning to face the day and all that it does and doesn’t hold can put two strikes against us before we start.

Something about the daily-ness of life and the lack of relief, the lack of “new”
just drags us down.  What’s really a challenge is when somewhere in the deep recesses of our mind we begin to expect that today, maybe today, a break will come…things will be different…then things aren’t different and we end the day sitting again in disappointment.

It is the merry-go-round that God warns us about.  He says to look for Him, to see Him in the moments and the days will take care of themselves.  Instead of expecting to find a ray of hope in the world or in something or someone we can ourselves control…everyday the mere act of thanking God and saying today, Lord, I am going to be grateful for YOU and who YOU are.  I will purpose today to see YOU at every turn.

I’ve told so many of my clients, the journey isn’t what we need to be perfect because the journey will NEVER be perfect.  The only thing perfect is the One who has put us on our own unique path.  Looking to Him, keeping our eyes on Him, seeing Him in every little thing will help the daily-ness of life take a different tone.

Look into the eyes of your children …what do you see there?  Look up at the sky…what sort of being could have created the vastness of that?  Look at your dog, your cat…imagine how amazingly your body is put to together…how cell by cell “things work.”  Ever really examine a flower?

Find God in the small things today. Just for today, find five things to be thankful for.


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