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Wives World~ The Silent Treatment…from God


We talked about the destructiveness in relationships when the silent treatment is used as a way to respond in communication, especially surrounding the issue of conflict.

What happens if the silent treatment we are getting is from GOD?  What’s the normal reaction??? Same as our human relationships…ANGER!  We may actively, like Job, throw our fists into the air and scream, or we may only do the gesture on the inside.

Even the Psalmist faced this problem when he cried out in Psalm 83:1…”:O God, do not keep silent; be not quiet, O God, be not still.” Three times he pleaded with God to give him a response.

Why would God do this???  Oh these are such tough times!  God’s silence is usually about one of two things.  This may be the only way He can grow our trust.  Seems like the opposite way to grow trust doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, though we just have to trust when we don’t see or hear.  I think it’s called blind faith.

Other silences from God just mean that He is acting according to His perfect timing which is NEVER wrong.  God’s timing is perfect as are His ways.  Somehow in the midst of silence we turn the corner and begin to trust on a whole new level.


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