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Wives World~ Too Many Hats

Today I am not making a fashion statement.  My subject today is something that I believe has reached crisis state in our culture.  In the midst of the political hulabaloo, I am reminded of the Israelites who were held captive in Egypt.  I picture my favorite movie (I’m dating myself) “The Ten Commandments” with the scenes of God’s people working, building, toiling under command of the oppressive governmental system.

Each day they had such a load to carry they could hardly function.  Their lives had become so grueling there was rarely a moment to breathe, much less love or enjoy.  Yes, today’s women are buckling under the pressure of the lofty goal of servant-hood.

The typical pastors’ wife not only serves in the church as chief, cook and bottle washer…not to mention nursery worker…but also works a full time job, plus takes care of children and the home.  Add to the mix a husband who needs some sort of care and tenderness and understanding.

This scenario actually applies to women in general that I talk to.  They are trying to do so much, keep “it” all together that they are crushed under the weight of it all.  Since when did we as a church culture begin expecting so much from these women?  Since when did we as a culture start demanding so much of the women of the house?

It’s all too many hats.  I don’t know the answer, but I do know the weight of it all is causing a huge break down in the hearts of women.  This burdensome life spills over to steal the joy in the home.

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