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Wives World ~ Intimacy Injuries

There are many situations in our life that will cause us to close our hearts to give and receive love.  As we trudge through this world the injuries to our hearts come.  We get an arrow here, a knife there, a jab here and there.  Eventually life becomes too painful to connect on any level.

It is at this place of disconnect that we will try one of two things…maybe even simultaneously…we will glob onto the safest most logical person to get as much connection as possible.  Eventually even the strongest person can’t hold this much responsibility in a relationship and they will pull away from the extreme weight of the expectations.  This is co-dependency in a nutshell.  “I can’t love me unless YOU love me.”

The other dysfunctional behavior we’ll try is that we will push everyone away.   We will do this anyway we can.  We might run like a small animal pursued by a lion.  We might fight back with anger.  THIS certainly keeps any connection away!  Who wants to get close to anger?

Either of these methods result in the exact opposite of what we are desperately desiring…connection.  We end up isolated and alone…once again.  Restoring connection with “the one” who said He would NEVER leave us or forsake is the beginning place of safety and restoring intimacy back to our relationships.


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