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Wives World ~ “I made it through another Sunday!”

I am saddened at how many wives of pastors are “making it through” another Sunday.  How can this be?  That church is the one place you dread and feel no peace.  I am thinking this is NOT God’s design for the Body of Christ.  No matter how many Sundays you’ve been through there is always the one up ahead you are dreading.

WOW!  This seems like not only the elephant in the living room, but also something that makes Jesus weep.  How did we get so off base that church attendance is the enemy.  Not only wives feel this way, but also children of ministerial families.  It is sad that so much sacrifice of the family has had to happen so that church would “seem” to be the perfect place for others to come.

How on earth do we right this?  The only place we can start ever in any situation is to ask ourselves the question, “is there a log in my own eye?”  We have no control over others or anyone we see or hear in church.  The only control we have is to have a clear understanding of why we are absorbing so much personally.  Is something that is happening causing me to trigger from a painful event in my past, even my childhood?  For instance, the stuffy old lady in the second row who is so critical…well she might be your mom in a different dress.

Somehow there needs to be revival in the Body of Christ.  Simply making it through another Sunday is not accomplishing anything.


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