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Wives World ~ Resting From Busy-ness

Even in Jesus’ day  this busy-ness of life was something to contend with.  In Mark 6:31 He tells His disciples to get away and rest because there were so many people coming and going they hadn’t even had time to eat.  Sound like your life??  Indeed, when I have a full day, I am ever thankful for my Rocket Star drink.  If I didn’t have that to propel me through my 20 minute break between clients I’d never make it through the afternoon!  Yep.  Definitely there are days when there is no time to eat! Never mind the physical health implications of this lifestyle, the toll on our mind and soul can begin to happen for those of us in ministry.

So as I’ve done research on this verse, I realize its not the work Jesus is calling us to rest from…it’s the busy-ness.  When our work begins being overwhelmed with busy-ness then the effectiveness of the work becomes very diluted.  Sometimes God forces us to rest.  Sometimes He will flat out stop our ministry efforts for awhile to force us to stop the insanity of getting caught up in the busy-ness.

“Come ye yourselves apart,” He says.  WOW.  That’s a tall order.  Apart from those I love, apart from my identity and all that’s wrapped up in it with my work?  Did He really mean to come apart…completely away from my life of busy-ness.  Yes, because we need seasons of being in the desert with Him.  Because of the concept of katadian….apart from HIM, we can do nothing.

As painful as it feels, coming away from the distractions, busy-ness of ministry and life is just what we all need to re-connect to the source of our existence.  If Jesus did it and needed it, how much more do we also need to exercise this practice in our lives?


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