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Wives World ~ “Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours”

“Break my heart for what breaks yours…”  is a popular song by Brooke Fraser of Hillsong United.  (see the video here:

Listening to this song I am inspired to do my work.  I am reminded that “my work” is not my work at all, it is God’s work.  I realize as I work with broken women that what I’m seeing must certainly break the heart of God.  I grieve for the sadness He must feel for His chosen ones.

Just a good question for you to contemplate today…where are you working?  Where does God want you to be plugged in?  Where’s the place where His heart is broken and what does He have for you that only you can do?

If our own pain is so distracting and isolating it is very hard to get plugged into the piece of the kingdom work pie that God has for us to do.  It breaks His heart for His people to be in so much bondage that they are unable to see where His heart is breaking.  He can’t do “His work” without us being His Hands, His Feet, His Voice.

It is time for the Body of Christ to deal with their own personal wounds in order for them to be able to hear the message from Him…where His heart is breaking.


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