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Wives World ~ Serving from the Wrong Place

What happens when we find ourselves doing ministry from the wrong place.  How can any kind of ministry be from the wrong place might be a better question.  Easy.  If serving is meeting your need for healing it’s from the wrong place.  If ministry builds up your own self-worth, it is from the wrong place.

Ministry really is about others.  This can be quite tiring for the person who is required to give all the time.  You must serve from a full tank that gets refreshed every single day.  Serving from empty equals empty service.  It is out of abundance of heart, mind and soul that ministry must flow.  Serving to get your own abundance will eventually end in disaster.

I remember some very wise advice during my years of education for my Biblical Counseling degree program.  The professor emphasized that if you are not the “real deal” that your clients will pick up on it right away.  Above all else, Biblical counselors can’t be telling others one thing but living another.  The instructions were from the very wise professor that “clients are usually in a lot of pain.”  Pain heightens all the senses.  Therefore, clients will be able to tell right away if we as counselors are sincere or not.  They will be able to know immediately if we are serving from the wrong place…either hypocrisy or emptiness.

So no matter where God puts us physically, we must learn to identify times of emptiness in our own hearts.  Serving from the wrong place puts us in the wrong place eventually in the most literal sense.

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