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Wives World ~ Trusting Trauma Instead of Trusting

The most evil outcome of past trauma is that it becomes more real than Truth.  Trusting that the trauma will happen again starts a person on a path of complete destruction.  The trauma becomes the focus of the persons eyes and heart.

Recipients of childhood trauma live in a constant state of protection and preparedness.  We all know a stance like this is impossible to hold.  As the famous leader once said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all.”  Being so worn out with keeping ourselves in a state of constant vigilance completely sabotages any bit of peace we might ever seek.

The trouble of trauma is that it destroys the trust level and causes the person to trust only in the trauma.  Trusting that the trauma and subsequent painful outcomes will continue to happen, ultimately permeates every ounce of the person’s being.  An inability to trust God, to trust others or to trust ourselves becomes a living hell.  The only survival tool we can then muster is to run, to fight or to play dead.

Hence the behavior patterns…go to your room and shut the door, become angry like a caged animal or go to bed and pull the covers over your head.  If this is how you’re handling your life because of past trauma you should seek the help that is available to you.  This is not God’s plan for your life, its the enemy’s.


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