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Wives World ~ Fantasy Gets Me Through

I am amazed at how many Christian women I work with start down the slippery slope of pornography addiction by reading the many available fantasy novels that lean on the side of soft porn and then onto hardcore stuff.

The fiction fantasy is so available and easy to get assess to, especially through the electronic books that are available.  You don’t have evidence of these type of materials laying around the house.

Once women start into this fantasy world it can begin to consume their days.  It becomes such an outlet they are unable to break back into reality on a consistent basis.

Once they begin devoting their time, then the dominoes start falling.  First the guilt leads to shame, then the shame to complete destructive thoughts and behaviors.  While this type of fantasy fiction may seem harmless, the wiles of the enemy creep in and this type of past-time becomes completely destructive and can lead to the demise of marriages and ministry!

Fantasy may get you through your days, but it will eventually take its toll.  If you are into “this” please seek help!


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