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Wives World ~ Pastors’ Wives and Movie Stars ~ Same Deal!

If you are a pastor’s wife you are very similar to a movie star.  Have you ever seen a movie star WITHOUT the appearance of happiness on their face?  What happens if a starlett goes out in public a WITHOUT SMILE?  She could potentially ruin her career!  Any tabloid camera could be right there to snap the shot…and boom….she is OUT of the happy club forever!!

I am amazed at how very happy pastor’s wives are expected to be.  Movie stars have the luxury of a lot of help, a lot of money, a lot of glitz, glamour and anything at their beck and call.  So…imagine putting them under the same pressure…smile all the time….without the “extras”….wow now that is something I would like to see!

So as I write this I realize pastors’ wives have the same pressure to perform without all the goodies as movie stars.  So…they DON’T have the same deal.  Their deal is much tougher.  I am more and more seeing why the typical pastor’s wife says, “I don’t think I can go there and put another smile on my face.”  This kind of pressure is so hard.  Without Jesus as the ONE we keep in front of our eyes it is next to impossible to accomplish this movie star pressure…without the extras.


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