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Wives World ~ The Truth about Trauma

The truth about trauma from our past is that it keeps us from believing in our hearts that we really ARE Brides of Christ.  Trauma interrupts the process of BELIEF.  Our minds go to the information stored there from the trauma.  We look to this incorrect definition in our minds as a blueprint for our Identity.

In reality, God says we “are Christ” in His eyes.  He can only see us this way.  However, when the world gives us different definitions because of past trauma…sexual abuse in particular…we are unable to convince our minds THE TRUTH about how God views us.

We receive the enemy’s definition because of what he has done in our past instead of the Pure and Spotless definition of ourselves as exemplified through what Christ did through His sacrifices on the Cross.

It is time for the Body of Christ to stop pushing under the rug the issue of trauma in its midst.  Yes, we have moments of forgetting but we never have true moments of receiving the TRUTH on such a level that the trauma is wiped out forever.  The truth about trauma is that it is a huge part of the Body of Christ and unless we start addressing it, instead of ignoring it with a carte blanche message of forget about it and go on, then we will continue to stumble and believe in our hearts that we simply are NOT who Christ says we are…His spotless Bride.


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