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Wives World ~ “Frankly, I do NOT care about your problem!”

When we are weighed down by the world and all the challenges it brings us it is hard to care.  Really it is.  So those of us in ministry as we manage our daily lives…money, kids, loneliness, disconnected husbands…we balance all this in our secret places.  When the weight becomes unbearable with our own personal lives it is so hard to engage other people’s pain.

We are placed in the uncomfortable position of feeling like a “phony.”  We want to care, but frankly we don’t.  Others pour out their hearts and we look sad and say, “ohhhhhhhhh I’m so sorry.”  Inside we feel nothing and feel guilty about feeling nothing.

If you are at this place of “not caring” I see three things happening.  (1) You are burnt out sister!  You are a crispy critter.  You need time off to refresh and renew your mind and heart.  (2)  If the personal turmoil inside yourself is this big that you can’t feel others’ pain, you need to also take time to access your pain and deal with those thunder storms deep inside your own heart.  (3)  You are not connecting with THE SOURCE of your outflow enough.  We CANNOT do ministry if we aren’t connected to the source on a daily basis.  If you don’t have time to do this, you need to get your priorities straight or set your clock earlier.  Making an appointment with “HIM” the first thing in the morning and giving HIM your pain is the key to being empty enough yourself to hear the pain and suffering of others.


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